The Wantzenau office expertise relies on a multidisciplinary team of notaries and partners highly qualified to respond to your project, in France (not only in Alsace) and Germany.

  • Property investments : the Notary office advise all kind of investors (quoted or non quoted property company, investment fund, private fund…) on different types of property acquisitions (offices, housing, industrial activities…), real estate portfolio or securities in predominantly real estate companies. Our mission includes contract drafting and negotiation, as well as post-acquisition support.
  • Expert in joint-ownership law and housing complex.
  • Tax-lawyer: advice on tax matters and fiscal law.
  • International Law, German Law.
  • Corporate real estate / real estate: sales, mortgage loan, housing.
  • Wealth transfer: building and transmission of assets, legal act, economic and tax matters.
  • Family law: succession, divorce, wills, donation, marriage contract, division…
  • Corporate law: business sale, transfer of shares, business transmission, commercial lease, company statutes…
  • Public property law / Public and private institutional partners.


You can refer to our notaries and partners at every stage of your project for any questions.

The Wantzenau Notarial Office notaries rely on their long-term experience in various areas of law to provide an approach tailored to your requirements.