Our company in a few key dates:


      • March 9th 1794. Foundation of the Wantzenau notary office. At that time Maitre Jacques SCHAEFFER was appointed head of the office.
        From that date to December 13th 1942, 15 notaries have succeeded one another in the office.

    • From 1942 to 1952, the office was declared vacant by the Minister of Justice. On January 15th 1952, after Maître Pierre KRANTZ had applied, he was appointed head of the Wantzenau Office.

    • On June 28th 1982, after a 8 years training in the office, Maître Christian GRIENEISEN was awarded and admitted to practice as notary in Alsace-Moselle and went into partnership with à Maître Pierre KRANTZ.

Jean-Pierre KRANTZ
    • On June 4 th1985, the office was established as a professional partnership under the name of « Pierre KRANTZ, Christian GRIENEISEN et Jean-Pierre KRANTZ « after Maître Jean-Pierre KRANTZ qualified for admission as a public notary.

    • Upon the retirement of Maître Pierre KRANTZ, the company “Pierre KRANTZ, Christian GRIENEISEN and Jean-Pierre KRANTZ” was dissolved on the 16th of October 1993.

    • On May 31st 1994, Maître Edmond GRESSER who was previously exercising in Lauterbourg becomes part of the newly funded professional partnership.

    • On December 4th 2000, after a 8 years training in the office, Maître Stéphane GLOCK became part of the professional partnership. The company was registered as « Christian GRIENEISEN, Jean-Pierre KRANTZ, Edmond GRESSER et Stéphane GLOCK », the latter being named to head the Wantzenau office.

    • On August 28th 2012, after the resignation of Maître Jean-Pierre KRANTZ, the professional partnership was composed of Christian GRIENEISEN, Edmond GRESSER and Stéphane GLOCK.

    • On March 27th 2013 Maître Florence KRANTZ was appointed notary in the « Christian GRIENEISEN, Edmond GRESSER et Stéphane GLOCK » professional partnership.

Nouvelle étude

Ancienne étude
  • After a 60 years practice in a typical Alsatian house located on 9 rue de la Gare, the office moved on February 14 th 2014 to new premises in Wantzenau, 19 route de Strasbourg.

  • The Wantzenau notarial office is currently among the leaders in eastern France with more than 40 partners in addition to its notaries.