Founded in 1794, the Notary Office has provided high quality services combined with a substantial capacity for adaptation to its customers over these last 3 centuries. Since that time, our experience, knowledge and know-how have constantly increased to fulfill our commitments while remaining close to our clients.

Our notaries and partners involvement, precision, responsiveness and availability are key additions to their expertise. Our values ensure that our recommendations reflect a great level of legal certainty to meet diverse clients needs.

Our staff flexibility allows us to be close to our customers and to fit their needs by bringing a secure tailor-made support.

The Wantzenau notaries are highly qualified to advise professionals and private individuals on sale/purchase of property, succession, family law, corporate law…

Aside from their legal and additional skills, our notaries and their collaborators may also work with clients in German language if necessary.

Every effort is being made by our 4 notaries and their team to offer tailored and strategic support to anticipate forthcoming legislative changes.
The whole team will assist and welcome you with these goals is mind.