La Wantzenau office’s expertise relies on a multidisciplinary team of notaries and partners highly qualified to take action and assist you in different areas of law.


Property investments:
The Notary office advises all kind of investors (quoted or non-quoted property company, investment fund, private fund…) on different types of property acquisitions (offices, housing, industrial activities…), real estate portfolio or securities in predominantly real estate companies. Our mission includes contract drafting and negotiation, as well as post-acquisition support.

Corporate real estate/Private real estate:
Sales, mortgage loan, residential quarters

Public property law:
Assists public and private institutional partners

Corporate law:
Company statutes, transfer of shares, business transmission

Trade law:
Business sales, commercial leases

Loans for companies, lease liabilities
Loans for individuals

Tenancy law/complex real estate
The notary assists the legal assembly process of real estate programs

Family law:
Wills, donations, inheritances, shares, wedding contracts, divorces

Transmission of assets:
Family, tax, economical and legal aspects

Tax lawyer:
Advice on taxation and law

International law/German law:
Interactions between legal systems with different laws

At each step of your life, the notaries and collaborators of the Office will ensure a customized approach suitable to your projects.