A notary is a public officer who acts on behalf of the French State.

Notaries are entitled to authenticate and certify deeds for their clients.

A public notary is appointed by the Minister of Justice.


Guaranteeing authenticity


In accordance with section 1 of November 2nd 1945 Ordinance

regarding the notarial profession, “Notaries are public officers subject to the State authority who confer authenticity on the deeds and contracts they issue for individuals or companies”.

The notary approves and authenticates the content of documents he signs and stamps with the conclusive force of a final judgment.

Besides providing authentication, notaries are specialists working with a comprehensive and global approach to legal matters. The Wantzenau notarial office multidisciplinary team of notaries and collaborators is authorized to conduct general legal and tax practice.



Observing professional secrecy


Due to the nature of their business relations with clients, professional rules which affect notaries are very strict. Notaries are bound to observe professional secrecy in both word and deed.


Offering support to our customers :


One of the Wantzenau office core mission is to support our customers. Notaries are both personally and professionally customer’s best option for assistance. We hence develop solutions to suit particular clients needs at key moments of their life.


Organizing a secure project roll-out :


In order to secure and realize both personal and business projects, notaries of the Wantzenau will assist you with any required documents and deeds.